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Why Heat Shields?

Thermal protection is a critical path capability needed by systems for the most challenging environments across the Space and Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Space exploration is impossible without functioning heat shields that protect precious cargo and crewed missions from extreme heat. Whether it’s a high-speed return to earth or a mission to Mars, heat shields are required for every space mission. 

Canopy is developing the Reusable Heatshields Additive Manufacturing (RHAM) platform, that will allow rapid production of reusable TPS with digitally defined tailorability.

We’re introducing a fully-integrated factory model that will leverage design software to quickly tool, analyze, and cost heat shield requirements for a vehicle.

Our additive manufacturing process will lower costs, lead times, and improve quality assurance measures.

We then integrate sensor capabilities so that we can monitor heat shield integrity during the most dangerous environments.

This improves overall safety of flight for the space industry.

Our sensors then assist with predictive maintenance that allow us to rapidly maintain, repair, or replace heat shields so that spacecraft can get back to flying faster and more often.